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"Art of the Domra”

This CD represents domra in the full range of its capacities. You will hear classical music as you never heard it before. The dense and bright sound of Russian domra in the hands of Tamara Volskaya brings new vivid dimensions to classical pieces.

    1.  “I planted a garden myself”              Trad. Russian, arranged by A. Trofimov 
    2.  “Vo gornitze”                                  Trad. Russian, arranged by A. Trofimov 
    3.  Concerto for Domra & Orchestra    N. Budashkin
    4. Waltz-caprice                                   A. Rubinstein
    5. Rondo in G-Major                            W. Mozart
    6. Little Neapolitan Song                       P. Tchaikovsky
    7. Flight of the Bumblebee                     N. Rimsky-Korsakov
    8. Italian Polka                                      S. Rachmaninov
    9. Sonata in A-major (Presto)                D. Scarlatti 
    10. Nocturne in C#-minor                        F. Chopin - K. Rodionov
    11. Shon Rosmarin                                   F. Kreisler
    12. Concerto in B-minor                          A. Vivaldi
    13. “Sha, shtil”                                         Trad. Jewish, arranged by A. Byzov
    14. Carnival in Venice                              N. Paganini
    15. Tango & Rhumba                               Y. Poplianova
    16. Romanian Spring Round Dance          G. Dinicu
    17. Gypsy Rhapsody                                A. Trofimov



This compilation consists of pieces arranged by the musicians themselves and dedicated to the memory of their parents. In these recording you will find many dear and memorable melodies played in the flawless and emotional style of the "Russian Duo".


1.      Two Old Russian Romances                                Traditional

2.      Gypsy Rhapsody                                                   

3.      The Willow                                                          Popular Song

4.      The Sweetheart                                                    Russian Folk Song

5.      Old Waltz “Autumn Dream”                                 Joyce

6.      Dark Eyes                                                            Russian Gypsy Song

7.      Old Waltz “The waves of the Danube River”        Ivanovichi

8.      Tyorskiey Chastushki                                           Russian Folk Song

9.       Moonlit Night                                                      Ukrainian Folk Song

10.   The Peddlers                                                       Russ. Folk Song - Ditel

11.   Lara’s Theme (from Dr. Zhivago)                        Jarre / Mamaliga

12.   Meadowland                                                       Knipper

13.   Sailor’s Dance                                                     Popular Song

14.  Old Waltz “The Waves of the Amur River”        

15.  Freilach

16.  Jewish Medley

17.  Tum-balalaika 

18.  Steppe, steppe all around me                               Russian Folk Song

19.  Welcome to my new house                                  Siberian Folk Song

20. “The Heart” & “The Unfortunate Date”                Dunayevsky / Tsfasman / Trofimov



"Russian Carnival"


This CD embodies the best of the “Russian Carnival” repertoire.  This compilation shows the immense potential of Russian Folk instruments. You will find classical pieces along with Folk melodies, Jewish themes along with Russian tunes, performed with professionalism, joy and vigor that is characteristic of this ensemble.

      1.  Ukrainian Fantasy                              A. Hominov

      2.  “The Mountain Ash”                          Russian Folk Song (arr. A. Shalov)

      3.  “The Peddlars”                                  Russian Folk Song (arr. Ditel)

      4.  Old Romance                                    G. Sviridov

      5.  “Semyonovna”                                  Traditional

           Irina Zagovrnova   (vocal)

      6.  “Utushka lugovaya”                           Traditional

           Irina Zagornova     (vocal)

      7.  “Tum-balalaika” Jewish Fantasy         Traditional

      8.  Sabre dance                                       A. Khachaturian

      9.  “Sirtaki” from “Zorba the Greek”        M. Theodorakis

      10.“All along the Piterskaya”                   Russian Folk Song

            Anatoliy Panchoshniy (vocal)

      11. “Iz-pod duba, iz-oid vyaza”               Russian Folk Song

            Anatoliy Panchoshniy (vocal)

      12. “William Tell” overture                      G. Rossini

      13. Menuet and Fugue                            A. Schnittke

      14. Rondo                                              M. Clementi

      15. Reverie                                             E. Pakenham

      16. “Bizzarria”                                         G. Munier

      17. The Flight of the Bumblebee              N. Rimsky-Korsakov

      18. “Vo gornitse”                                    Siberian Folk Song

      19. Gypsy Rhapsody                              A. Trofimov

"Tamara Volskaya: My Journey"


“My Journey” contains highlights of Volskaya’s repertoire and includes live and studio recordings from 1975 – 2006.


                           1.        Allegro in C-major (1 movement from sonata KV 14)    W. Mozart – V. Ivko 

                           2.        Traumerei (“Dream” from “Children Scenes”)                   R. Schumann

                           3.        Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28         C. Saint-Saens

                           4-6.     Concerto in B minor RV 580                                A.Vivaldi

                                       for 4 violins and strings

                                       (from “L’Estro armonico” Op.3 No10, ed.171)

                                                  1.Allegro 2.Largo.Largetto.Largo 3.Allegro

                           7.        Polonaise in A-major Op.21                                  H. Wieniawski

         8.        Introduction to tarantella Op.43                              P. Sarasate        

         9.        Sonata for domra and piano                                   N. Puzey

        10.       Travushka-muravushka                                          Trad.(arr. A. Tsygankov)

        11.       “Kamarinskaya” (Fantasy on two Russian folk songs)    M. Glinka                

        12-13.  Sonata a-moll Op.2 No.6 for violin and guitar         N. Paganini

                    1.Largo 2.Allegretto

        14.        Little Neapolitan song Op.39 No.18                      P. Tchaikovsky

        15.        Rondo in G-major                                                 W. Mozart– F. Kreisler 

                     (from Haffner-serenade KV 250)                                               

        16.        Flight of the Bumblebee                                         N. Rimsky-Korsakov

        17.        “Scha, still”                                                            Trad.Jewish (arr. A.Byzov)

        18.        Dark eyes (Ochi chorniye)                                     Trad. (arr. A. Trofimov)



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