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  • Tamara Volskaya domra
  • Anatoliy Trofimov bayan
  • Leonid Bruk bass,balalaika

About The Trio

“The Russian Trio” consists of unique professional musicians: the “Russian Duo”-Tamara Volskaya (domra), Anatoliy Trofimov (bayan); and Leonid Bruk (balalaika-contrabass).

Leonid Bruk graduated from a musical school in St. Petersburg as a bass-guitarist. He was deeply attracted to the powerful sound of contrabass-balalaika and has played for many years in various folk groups in Russia and then in America. His enthusiastic performance on bass-balalaika adds vigor and sparkle to the trio’s program.


The trio came to life with Anatoliy Trofimov’s full of humor, expressive and unique in spirit arrangements of Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Jewish and American tunes. It is evident that all of his arrangements become, in fact, original compositions based on folk tunes.


The trio has performed at schools in Manhattan and Long Island with lectures about Russian music and Russian folk instruments. The musicians of the “Russian Trio” were welcomed performers at Ocean County Libraries of New Jersey, and at 92nd street and Y concert events. They participated at Bangor Folk Festival in 2003, Slavic Festival in Manhattan and performed for the prestigious Madison Council of the Library of Congress. Recently they performed for the Russian Ambassador in America in Washington D.C.


 “The Russian Trio” has collected a wide-ranging repertoire, from folk melodies to the staples of classical programs, such as “William Tell “overture by Rossini, “The flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakov, “Sabre Dance” by Khachaturian etc. Colorful costumes, surprising combination of unusual instruments, use of authentic Russian percussions, make the trio’s performance an educational and simply unforgettable event.

About The Instruments

DOMRA - a member of the lute family, four stringed plucked instrument resembling the Italian mandolin, played with a pick and tuned as a violin G-D-A-E. 


BAYAN - resembles the accordion, has buttons where accordions have keyboards.


BALALAIKA - also of the lute family, is a three-stringed Russian folk instrument with a triangular body strummed only with fingers.

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